‘Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall’ is the second album released by the original Buena Vista Social Club™; this extraordinary collection of Cuba’s greatest musicians includes Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo, Cachaíto López and Guajiro Mirabal.

One of only three concerts by the original full line-up, the Carnegie Hall concert was the focus of Wim Wenders’ award-winning film which has helped spread the story of the incredible characters that made up the band.

Produced by Ry Cooder and the same talented team that produced the original Grammy-winning self titled album, this release includes previously unpublished photographs from the concert and a 4,000 word sleeve note by Ry Cooder and the musicians themselves.

The brilliant performances on the album capture a collective enthusiasm, warmth, energy and feeling of triumph that was experienced together by both audience and band on that special night back in 1998.